Membership in the F.T.K.A.


To be certified in the Frank Trejo Kenpo Karate Association with Certificate

All under belt, white thru green testing fees: $45.00

Brown Belt Testing Fees:
3rd. Brown $150.00
2nd. Brown $150.00
1st. Brown $150.00

Black Testing Fees:
1st. Black $250.00
2nd. Black $350.00
3rd. Black $450.00
4th. Black $550.00

Fifth Degree Black Belt and above:
Must have signed petition of black belt peers,
minimum 25 to be considered.
Promotional fees will be disclosed in a private hearing.

Must complete 25 hours of training with Mr. Trejo to be considered for Black Belt Testing.

Protocol for testing:


In the early years of EPKS the highest level a student could test for (pre 1980) was for a 1St Degree Black Belt. There was no testing for 2nd, 3nd or above. Your rank was based on merit. What you did to help "Mr. Parker", the association. Help build the chain, more schools, more student base. Build different chapters in other countries for Mr. Parker to name a few. Plus consideration was reviewed by a board of directors unless Mr. Parker had a personal Elvis. Now, with the extended material that has been developed prior to Mr. Parker's passing you can now test up to 4th degree Black Belt. There is no testing for 5th, 6th or above. That is a Promotion. Based on Merit. A Black Belt promoting some one to 5th degree Black Belt or above must be 3 ranks higher than the recipient. Example: To promote some one to 5Th degree Black Belt the promoter has to be higher than a 6th, 7th, 8th degree Black Belt. That is the code.

School Membership Fees


School membership is $100 and includes certificate of membership within Frank Trejo's Kenpo Karate Association and a listing on his website as an Affiliate School.

Contact Mr . Trejo for more information.

Individual Membership Information


As a member of the Frank Trejo Karate Association, the individual members will be entitled to 10% discounts at all seminars held by Grand Master Frank Trejo. Discounts will also apply to members who book private lessons with Mr. Trejo.

Membership also includes a wallet sized Frank Trejo Karate Membership card. Show this card at seminars and specified events and receive your benefits! F.T.K.A. arm patch will be issued with 1st time membership fee. Any additional arm patches may be purchased for the amount of $5.00 (U.S.) each. The PARKER/TREJO LINEAGE patch is $10.00 each.

For information on lessons, seminars and camps contact
Grandmaster Trejo
Phone: 626-449-3684